September 14, 2008

Egyptian Project in Iraq to Maintain the Inland Water Areas

The Steering Committee for Egyptian cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Environment has agreed on 12/9/2008 to fund a project implemented by the Egyptian Regional Center and Water Studies in Iraq to maintain the inland water areas in Iraq which areconsidered to be the source of living for many people working in fishing and animal husbandry. The Head of the Regional Center and Water Studies said that the project aims to create water areas which is a key stations settled by migratory birds from Europe in winter. The project will be carried out under the auspices of UNESCO, as the National Center for Training and Regional Studies of water is the regional representative of the International Organization in the Middle East. The project will include examining the intersection between groundwater and surface water, methods of water conservation, pollution and waste project. The project also includes training courses for Iraqi engineers in Egypt in the field of integrated management of water resources and preservingenvironment. Egypt: Minister of Electricity: Maintenance of High Dam stations by Egyptians Egyptian Minister of Electricity Hassan Yunis said that all maintenance works in the High Dam stations will be carried out by Egyptians. He said that the development works will be done through global bidding by companies with advanced technological techniques. The High Dam conations 12 generators: 10 in the national network and 2 in maintenance as the capacity of each generator is 175 megawatts per hour. He said in a parliamentary report prepared by the People's Assembly Industry Committee that electricity in southern Egypt increased17 folds. The Minister of Electricity said that the African States requested transferring the Hydraulic Power Stations' Training Center to an International Center for preparing African personnel. Studies revealed the possibility of producing 300 thousand megawatts of Water Resources in Africa. The electricity sector has also begun the implementation of the new network in Upper Egypt instead of a network of 33 volt in view of the increasing demand in addition to water projects in Aswan, Esna, Naga Hammadi and Assiut. In addition to that el-Koraymat is considered to be the largest power station in Egypt and the total production capacity next year will hit2,800 megawatts.

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