September 16, 2008

Indonesia Protesters Rally Against Illegal Fishing

Text of report in English by Indonesian government-owned news agency Antara website

[Unattributed report: "IMW protests illegal fishing in Indonesian waters"]

Some 50 members from Indonesian Maritime Watch (IMW) staged a rally in front of the National Police Headquarters in South Jakarta on Monday [15 Sep 08] to protest against illegal fishing in Indonesian waters.

During the peaceful rally, the protesters demanded that the security agencies make concerted efforts to stop illegal fishing in Indonesia as soon as possible. They said that illegal fishing was causing the country to lose IDR 30 trillion every year.

According to the protesters, illegal fishing was the same as corruption, and the security agencies and law enforcers must take firm action against the perpetrators. The IMW demonstrators also said many government officials were involved in illegal fishing activities, but to date they had not been brought to justice.

Early this month, the Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) apprehended five Thai and four Vietnamese fishing boats in the Natuna Sea.

Aji Sularso from DKP's Directorate-General of Fisheries and Marine Resources Management and Control said that at least 186 foreign fishing boats had been apprehended for poaching in Indonesian waters so far in 2008.

Originally published by Antara news agency, Jakarta, in English, 15 Sep 08.

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