September 16, 2008

Evolution Theory Will Run and Run

Top of Tom McIvor's wish list for this Christmas must be that evolution would just go away.

Well, that isn't going to happen! Evolution has withstood the onslaught of better minds than his for 150 years and has not failed any test, so it can shrug off any criticism from him.

In his latest letter (Write Back, September 11) he asks for 'facts not fairy stories'.

Amazingly, he will find that the scientific literature is full of supporting facts, if he cares to look for them and does not ignore them as is so common with Creationists.

Perhaps he could make a start with his reading in such fields as geology, plate tectonics, palaeontology, genetics, DNA, comparative embryology and anatomy, to name but a few areas of science which offer support to modern evolutionary thinking.

One can detect the direction in which Mr McIvor is leaning by reference to those whom he quotes to be in agreement with him. These evolution-deniers are firmly in the camp of Creationism and Intelligent Design. If Mr McIvor feels that he has a better explanation than evolution for how living things have developed over the millennia, then let him bring it forward and have it peer- reviewed, the way proper scientists do. If credible and accepted, it might bring him the next Nobel Prize!



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