September 18, 2008

September Secrets Hole of the Week

Pompton Lake, Pompton Lakes

How to get there

Take Route 202 into Passaic County. It runs parallel to the lake. Hamburg Turnpike crosses the lower end of the lake.

The hole story

This is one of those spots that might be considered a surprise at any time of the year. It's one of the most interesting places to fish in Passaic County, but a lot of Bergen County anglers I know say they've driven past but never fished there. That may be because this 204-acre lake, fed by the Ramapo River, doesn't have a lot of good spots along the shore. This is a boat lake without a doubt, especially if you want to land a nice-sized fish.

What's biting

There's so much to choose from. This is one of my favorite spots for perch, and you can get a nice meal of good-sized bluegills if you put in the time. The state stocks trout, there are plenty of carp and you can score a nice largemouth bass here. But the biggest draw are the big boys. This is a good spot to try if you want to pick a fight with pickerel or tiger muskie.

What they're biting on

You can have a great day with a can of nightcrawlers, but, with what's on the menu here, you have to think outside the worm. Tempt the big boys with live minnows. I struck out big time two years ago with some freeze-dried minnows, so they may not be worth the trouble. This is a great place to fish frogs, and I just bought a new frog-shaped lure that I can't wait to try out here. If you want to catch carp, roll some dough balls.

The bottom line

Whatever you do, get your hands on a boat. It will be worth the trouble once you get out there, especially if you go on a weekday morning at this time of year. It's a nice, relaxing spot with the reward of some really nice fish.

-- Mark J. Czerwinski

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