September 19, 2008

John Nets the Perfect Fish Dish

This simple recipe also works for salmon, wild brown trout, even fish like snapper and red mullet.

The sweet and sour flavours really bring out the taste of the fish.

There's nothing better than a lovely oily wild sea trout.

Like salmon, sea trout feed in the sea, but return to the river to spawn.

Wild salmon is at its best during spring and summer and has rich pink flesh.

Sea trout is available all year round.

Fresh sea trout should be firm to the touch so avoid steaks that are soft or watery.

It can be pan-fried, poached, baked or grilled.

Filleting a whole fish isn't difficult. Scrape off the scales (if necessary) under cold running water from tail end to head.

Then cut along the belly, remove the innards and gills and wash out the blood line along the backbone.

To fillet the fish in two, extend the opening along the length of the fish and skim the knife over the bones to detach the fillet. Turn the fish over and repeat on the other side.

Use tweezers to remove tiny 'pin' bones from the flesh and cut into portions if required.

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