September 19, 2008

From a Beach to a Village Green

Councillor Dr Barrie Tulloch has asked me to pass on the following important information:

"Kingswear parish council intends to make an application under the Commons Act (2006) to register Lighthouse Beach as a town or village green, with access 'as of right' under the act.

"It is necessary to show that although the beach is in private ownership, local people have used it for recreation for a period of more than 20 years.

"As things stand the parish council has collected large amounts of written evidence to support its claim, however it is particularly interested in hearing from people who have used the beach since 2001, especially those who have accessed the beach from the river.

"If you are able and willing to help the village cause please contact Barrie Tulloch on 752834 or write to Driftwood, Wood Lane, Kingswear, Devon, TQ6 0DP."

It ought to be said that the organisation of this application is much broader-based than just the parish council so that a large number of people would like the issue publicised as widely as possible.

The council is writing to all 102 people who contacted them in 2001 when it asked for evidence of the use of the beach.

It is hoped to lodge this formal application with Devon County Council over the next few months but if the registration is opposed by the landowner the matter is likely to go to a public inquiry.

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