September 21, 2008

Suggestions for Healthy Eating

*Choose whole-grain pastas, brown rice and whole-grain breads as often as possible to increase the fiber in your diet.

*Choose lean meats. Remove the skin from poultry. Remove visible fat from meats and poultry. Choose water-packed canned fish. To help prevent heart disease, limit eggs, substitute fish and/or beans several times a week for red meat and sausages.

*Including a variety of vegetables in the dish will provide color, taste, texture, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Drain and rinse canned vegetables to decrease salt, especially if you want to prevent high blood pressure. When in season, choose fresh vegetables.

*Canned soups and sauces are generally high in salt. If concerned about high blood pressure and heart disease, consider one of these options: using a smaller amount, substituting lower salt versions, or using alternative liquids and/or limiting added salt.

*Seasonings add to the flavor of foods. Using herbs and spices can limit the amount of salt needed in the dish.

*Toppings add flavor, texture and color. However, toppings also add calories and may add additional salt or fat that you may want to avoid if you are watching your weight or have high blood pressure.

Compiled by Teja Rao and Donna Hayes, of the Dietetics & Nutrition Department at Buffalo State College.

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