September 22, 2008

Detroit Edison’s Monroe Power Plant Celebrates Recent Environmental Achievements

MONROE, Mich., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Public officials and representatives of environmental organizations joined Detroit Edison officials at the Monroe Power Plant today to celebrate the facility's recent achievements in environmental management and stewardship.

Over the last 12 months, the Monroe Power Plant was named a Signature of Sustainability by the Wildlife Habitat Council, earned Clean Corporate Citizen designation from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and completed a shoreline restoration project funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 5-Star Restoration Program.

The plant also is celebrating the restoration of 57 acres of farmland to prairie and 5 acres to wetlands, creating a habitat for local and migratory wildlife populations. This work began in 2007 but the plantings have just recently reached maturity and now are supporting birds, reptiles and other wildlife.

Signature of Sustainability is one of the highest levels of recognition presented by the Wildlife Habitat Council. It denotes a habitat program that demonstrates a high level of private sector involvement for biodiversity conservation and environmental education. Each Signature of Sustainability is selected by a Blue Ribbon Committee of judges and is evaluated on a ranking system that scores involvement in focus areas such as environmental education, habitat enhancement and community involvement.

Clean Corporate Citizen designation recognizes regulated facilities that have demonstrated environmental stewardship and a strong environmental ethic. The C3 program is built on the concept that these Michigan facilities can be relied upon to carry out their environmental protection responsibilities without rigorous oversight, and should enjoy greater permitting flexibility than those that have not demonstrated that level of environmental awareness.

The Five Star Restoration Program encourages the formation of partnerships that can contribute funding, land, technical assistance, workforce support or other in-kind services to wetland restoration projects. With a $10,000 grant from the Five Star program, the partners for the River Raisin shoreline project contributed $46,000 in matching funds and in-kind assistance, including a $39,000 contribution by Detroit Edison. Other partners included the City of Monroe, the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, the Monroe County Drain Commission, the River Raisin Watershed Council, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wildlife Habitat Council, Michigan Sea Grant and the River Raisin Institute.

Frank Wszelaki, Monroe Power Plant director, credits the plant employees for these accomplishments. "None of these achievements would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Monroe Power Plant employees," he said. Each certification and award we receive requires extensive documentation, hours of intense meetings and a huge time commitment from those involved. Our employees consistently met -- and exceeded -- these requirements while still maintaining our corporation-wide focus on customer service and electricity production."

Steve Kurmas, executive vice president, fossil generation, said these achievements reflect a companywide commitment to the environment. "We have a long history of environmental stewardship and preservation," he said. "We focus enormous resources on reducing our environmental footprint. Our environmental commitment takes many forms, from investing in emission control equipment at our plants to fostering renewable energy sources and helping to shape effective legislation. Our approach to environmental management focuses on making smart choices to minimize these impacts -- on the world around us as well as on our customers."

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