September 23, 2008

State Says Toxin Levels Low at Site


POMPTON LAKES -- In a recent conversation with The Record, staff members of the state Department of Environmental Protection reported the following about the chemical contamination beneath a local neighborhood:

* To date, vapor testing of homes above the plume has shown some evidence of the degreasing chemicals PCE and TCE, some above and some below the state's standard for screening. But nothing has scored what's called the "rapid action level," which would require the installation of mitigation systems. That level is about 10 times the so-called "screening level," which would advise that more testing is done.

No sampling results they have seen so far, they said, "would pose a significant threat."

* They still are collecting information based on DuPont's testing and reviewing it as it comes in, but they still don't have groundwater data.

"We don't have the big picture yet," said Larry Hajna, DEP public information officer. "Our immediate goal is to ensure that the air residents are breathing is OK. But as soon as we have more data, which is expected by late fall, we will inform residents of those findings."

* They report seeing some dissipation or decreasing levels of groundwater pollution, the source of the chemical vapors rising toward home foundations.

* Because the intensity of contamination beneath the residential neighborhood is relatively low, it poses no problem for the adjacent Pompton Lake.


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