September 24, 2008

Fishermen’s Energy Congratulates State of Rhode Island – While Looking to Develop in New Jersey

CAPE MAY, N.J., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey announces its congratulations to the State of Rhode Island, upon press reports from Rhode Island today that Deepwater Wind Rhode Island would be appointed by that State's Governor on Thursday to plan a wind energy farm in waters off of Rhode Island.

"The State of Rhode Island is in step with the times, and their choice of offshore wind energy as a renewable energy platform for Rhode Island means the state is determined to be part of a nationwide solution. Our company, Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey, looks forward to its development of New Jersey's offshore energy resources", said Fishermen's Energy President, Daniel Cohen.

Fishermen's Energy is an offshore wind developer sponsored by a consortium of large commercial fishing companies based principally in New Jersey; where load size and proximity, wind resource, marine and seabottom conditions, and transmission scarcity converge to strongly favor the economics of offshore wind. Fishermen's Energy was founded to present a constructive program to address this opportunity in the state and federal waters that these commercial fishing companies have fished for decades, and to provide a solid, professionally-managed platform for these companies as well as its financial and power industry partners, to invest and benefit. Fishermen's Energy represents a new paradigm for constituency activism -- where constituencies that previously objected, coalesce to support and invest - and thus turn social concerns into economic opportunity while providing renewable energy for the public.

Cohen continued, "Fishermen's Energy eagerly awaits the opportunity to work with the State of New Jersey to build the first wind farm in our state waters. This is a nascent industry -- which means multiple players pushing simultaneously in multiple states, where those players cooperate when they can and compete when they must. Fishermen's Energy of New Jersey looks forward to being the New Jersey leg of this industry."

Rhonda Jackson, Director of Communications added, "Fishermen's Energy is confident our plans for building Phase 1 in state waters off Atlantic City and Phase 2 in federal waters means that the New Jersey's Atlantic City will continue to be the country's 'first resort' -- not only in tourism but now in renewable energy too."

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