September 25, 2008

Legal – Public Notice, Approval of a Categorical Exclusion From an Environmental Assessment

Approval of a Categorical Exclusion from an Environmental Assessment for a project funded through the Virginia Water Supply Revolving Fund Public Notice No.: WSL-09-08First Publication Date: (September 24, 2008 and October 1, 2008) The Virginia Department of Health has under consideration a request for a Categorical Exclusion from an Environmental Assessment for a waterworks project proposed to be funded through the Virginia Water Supply Revolving Fund. The applicant is the Western Virginia Water Authority.The proposed scope of work consists of the trenchless rehabilitation of a 2,560 linear foot segment of 12-inch water main which is 1950s-era cast iron pipeline, This segment of water line is in the median of Orange Avenue Northeast, City of Roanoke, between 13th Street and 2041 Street.The applicant feels that the project meets the following exclusion categories established by the Department:(3) Water line replacement/rehabilitation to correct exfiltration water loss problems or problems associated with inadequate water pressure.(6) Minor extensions of water lines, which will be located within road rights-of-ways or otherwise previously, disturbed areas.Documentation supporting this request includes the VDH FCAP Construction Application dated March 28,. 2007, and the letter dated April 2, 2007 from the Western Virginia Water Authority requesting the Categorical Exclusion. Prior to implementing construction, the applicant will obtain all applicable permits and approvals. On the basis of a review of the request and support documentation, the Virginia Department of Health proposes to approve the request.Persons may comment in writing to the Department on the proposed approval of the Categorical Exclusion within 30 days from the first publication date. Comments shall include the name, address, and telephone number of the writer and shall contain a complete, concise statement of the factual basis for the comments. Only those comments received within this period will be considered by the Department, Following the comment period, the Department will make its determination regarding the approval.All comments should be addressed to:Steven D, Pellei, P.E,, Division DirectorDivision for Planning, Policy, and Construction AssistanceVirginia Department of HealthOffice of Drinking WaterMadison Building, Room 632, 109 Governor StreetRichmond, VA 23219(11101589)

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