September 25, 2008

Chemical and Biological Process Engineering ; Engineering at Swansea University

Most of the products that you use every day have probably been through some form of chemical or physical process on their way to you. For example TV sets, music systems and computers originally start out as resources of crude oil and minerals. From these metals, semiconductors, glass and plastics are produced by chemical engineering. Practically everything you keep in the fridge has also bean through some kind of engineering process. For example, live yogur has the right kind of bacteria in it and fruit juice is very nutritious, despite the fact that it is probably produced from a concentrate. The fridge itself is a product of process engineering. It extends the shelf life of food by holding it at temperatures where natural biological processes, such as the growth of fungi and bacteria, are almost at a standstill. This helps us to make better use of food we buy or grow and so we waste less of it. Much of this food stays refrigerated during transport to, and storage in, shops and supermarkets. Don't forget that the paper this has been printed on has also been chemically engineered!

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