September 27, 2008

City Approves Cost Over-Runs for Sherwood Ave. Projects

By Theresa Riniker

The good news is that work along Sherwood Avenue is complete. The bad news? Costs over-shot anticipated expenditures due to unforeseen circumstances, City Manager Al Griffiths and Public Works Director Mark Fluhr told council members at the Monday, Sept. 15, meeting of the East Dubuque City Council.Costs were increased due to: Replacement of more curb and gutter than expected and hand-digging to allow replacement of water and sewer lines to some residences, installation of a "live tap" to avoid a long shutdown of water service to a significant portion of the residences in the surrounding area.The cost of the water and sanitary sewer system was $6,600 over estimate, putting the final price tag for the project at $101,015, all covered by a Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) grant.Another part of the project, the resurfacing of the roadway, also encountered cost increases due to inappropriate roadway base material that had to be removed and replaced with a more stable base material. "We had to do it or we would have been patching and patching the road," said Fluhr.To bring down the project's costs, some of the finishing work, such as the adjustment of manhole covers, will be completed by city crews as time allows. Final costs for the roadwork is still being determined and will be available for review by the council at its next meeting, Oct.6.

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