September 27, 2008

It Makes Eco Sense As Well

Up-dating what you already have not only makes sound economic sense, it is also more eco-friendly than throwing it away and buying new. But there are other "green" steps you can take.

The eco trend looks set to stay and, when it comes to your lounge, it's all about attitude.

Natural paints are a fantastic way to create a new look lounge and be good to the environment because they are based on plant oils, extracts and simple minerals rather than synthetic chemicals so they are completely free from toxic emissions and look fabulous.

Other green, natural products such as textured wallpaper, wood flooring and seagrass or wool rugs will all harness nature while keeping the budget down.

You can use the same approach in the rest of the house

In a credit crunch, the last thing you want to do is waste money on new trends, but by incorporating some of the eco tips and advice above you can ensure your home doesn't look drab and is fit for sustainable living. Use natural materials and accessories throughout your home where possible - organic cotton bed linen and towels, sustainably-sourced wooden coat hangers and hand-blown glass vases using recycled materials.

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