September 29, 2008

Russian Pulp Mill Installs Antipollution System, Still Has Work to Do – Minister

Text of report by state-owned Russian television channel Rossiya on 29 September

[Presenter] The main polluter of [Lake] Baykal, the [Baykal] Pulp and Paper Mill will no longer discharge industrial effluent into the lake. From today, the business will switch to a closed water circulation [system]. Almost R300m [approximately 12 m dollars at current exchange rate] has been spent on its construction. Another R500,000 [20,000 dollars] has been invested in the construction of treatment facilities for the town of Baykalsk. For almost 40 years the problems could not be overcome, until the end of last year when the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology threatened the plant with closure. Now the enterprise has to deal with several more problems: the purification of underground waters and emissions into the atmosphere. Ecology Minister Yuriy Trutnev spoke about this today at the opening of a new complex.

[Trutnev] At last, by common efforts with the business's leadership, with environmental protection organizations, we have achieved the cessation of the discharge of 120,000 cu. m of polluted water of industrial effluent into Baykal every day from the pulp and paper mill; this does not mean that all of the problems with the Baykal Pulp and Paper Plant and with the environment are resolved. There are still plenty of them left. [C/r: 10:0922 -10:1023]

Originally published by Rossiya TV, Moscow, in Russian 1000 29 Sep 08.

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