September 30, 2008

Vog: Choosing the Right Air Purifier

SWANTON, Vt., Sept 30 /PRNewswire/ -- As vog continues to be emitted by the ton on the Big Island, more Hawaii residents are demanding a solution to the dangerous mix of airborne chemicals, gases and fine particles emanating from Kilauea volcano.

AllerAir Industries has been researching, designing and manufacturing air purifiers since 1996, and offers reliable solutions, for even the most toxic indoor air problems.

"We've been specializing in indoor air quality control for close to 15 years, and are experts in crisis management," said Wayne Martin, Executive Vice President of AllerAir. "We've offered solutions to Californians coping with wildfire pollution, New Orleans residents coping with mold issues and were recently involved with the Beijing Summer Olympics. Gas and chemicals is what we do --- vog is no exception."

Short-term effects from vog can include headaches, eye and nose irritation, as well as asthma attacks, while long-term effects can include cancer and lung disease. Those most at risk include children, the elderly and those with respiratory difficulties.

"We deal with sulfur dioxide on a regular basis, but wanted to customize a unit specifically for Hawaiians," said Martin. "The 5000 VOG and AirMedic VOG feature a customized blend of carbon, made to adsorb the dangerous properties of vog pollution."

Chemical engineer, Karen Hand warns that when dealing with vog, residents should be armed with some essential information. "Many Hawaiians are opting to get an air purifier to safeguard themselves and their families, but are simply choosing the wrong ones," said Hand. "A HEPA-only unit, or a cleaner with limited amounts of carbon, is not going to be effective. Sulfur dioxide is dangerous --- it demands a serious solution."

AllerAir is now offering Hawaii residents a line of air purifiers designed specifically for vog, that are equipped with up to 27 pounds of activated carbon. Residents are invited to contact an Indoor Air Quality Expert at 1-888-852-8247, or visit for more information on air purifiers, vog or any other indoor air quality question.

AllerAir manufactures residential, commercial and industrial air purification systems and specializes in chemical, gas, odor and particle abatement. Their units are being used by the U.S. Army, the Mayo Clinic and thousands of homes and businesses across North America.

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