October 1, 2008

Keillor’s Hypocrisy As Big As Alaska

Editor, Times-Dispatch: Ahh, Garrison Keillor - a scribe with a pen made for radio.

Savor the sheer poetry of his flowery attack on a vice- presidential candidate who has the gall to admit she hunts in the unspoiled Alaskan landscape that Keillor visits in (a) a gas- guzzling, noxious, and noisy float plane; (b) a loud, environmentally unfriendly snowmobile that he "guns" to escape a moose habitat; and (c) a petro-sucking fishing boat from which he paints his verbose pastel landscape of harmony.

Oh, wait - take that call from your stockbroker, Garrison, as you break from your pastoral ruminations and debate whether to take a few months off to escape the pesky election.

Certainly, hateful old Rudy Giulinai would dive off your fishing platform to harpoon that noble, glistening whale while you bait your pole for the woebegone Alaskan trout a few notches down the food chain.

Your bold, holier-than-thou crayon strokes paint a perfect picture of disharmonious inanity. It would almost be readable as satire.


Originally published by Holmberg.

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