October 1, 2008

NZ Chocs Not at Risk

New Zealand chocolate is unaffected by a melamine scare that has affected Cadbury's Beijing plant, the company says.

On Monday, Cadbury said it was recalling 11 types of Chinese- made chocolates found to contain melamine, a banned chemical which has been added to milk in China.

The chemical, which is used to make plastic, is linked to the deaths of four Chinese infants and made 54,000 ill with kidney stones.

Cadbury had yet to determine how much of the chemical was in chocolates made in Beijing, or how the chemical got into the foodstuffs.

A company spokesman said New Zealand chocolate was unaffected, as it was made either in the firm's Dunedin or Tasmanian factories.

Across the Tasman, the firm has pulled Cadbury Eclairs - the only Chinese-made Cadbury chocolate imported into Australia - from the shelves.

Cadbury also owns Pascal confectionery. The company spokesman said Pascal Eclairs on sale in New Zealand were Australian-made rather than Chinese-made.

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