October 1, 2008

Wider Knowledge

Once again it is apparent that slightly wider knowledge of chemistry is needed by many, including Christine Cave (Waikato Times letters, September 19).

The essential factor with all elements that may reach into our lives, is that of quantity and balance.

For example, the near relation of fluorine, is iodine, which is most important as an iodide in its prevention of mental defects due to the low levels sometimes present in our diet.

In the same way, other elements can be safe and indeed highly important for human health.

The levels, which are usually set by health regulations, cover a very safe median range, with no risk whatever and added benefits to us all.

This type of research has cleared up all suspicions of the use of halides and other chemicals around the world.

This I know, due to my association and training with experts in this field.

Those who use only non- iodised salt should know that some New Zealand soils are very deficient in important minerals including iodine.




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