October 1, 2008

Chino Dairies to Comply With EPA Permit Requirements

By Neil Nisperos

CHINO - In order to prevent cow waste from polluting major drinking water sources, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered six Chino dairies to comply with permit requirements.

The EPA ordered Brothers Three Dairy, Quality Dairy, Jorritsma and Anema Dairy, Martin Vander Laan Dairy, TLC Sonlight Dairy No. 2 and Goyenetche Dairy No. 2, to comply with the state Regional Water Quality Control Board permit that requires dairies to prevent runoff or discharge from their operations into the Santa Ana River.

The dairy permit is designed to protect streams, rivers and groundwater from discharge of manure waste and other pollutants.

"We expect these dairies to promptly correct their violations and improve their environmental performance, which we will oversee until satisfactorily resolved," said Alexis Strauss of the Water Division, EPA Region 9.

EPA and the Region Board's Santa Ana Region personnel inspected the Chino-area dairies in April. Among the violations discovered:

Failure to properly construct and maintain containment structures.

Failure to develop and/or implement proper engineered waste management plans.

Failure to conduct proper routine inspections of their facility.

Gary Stewart, a senior engineer with the state water quality agency, said further state inspections and phone calls after April have indicated the six dairies have begun steps toward compliance.

Santa Ana regional board inspectors have begun their annual inspections of the Inland region's 140 dairies. During the board's inspection, the inspectors will determine whether the six dairies are operating in compliance with permit regulations.

Fines, up to $10,000 a day, for permit violations could be levied for repeat violations, Stewart said.

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