October 2, 2008

KP Public Affairs, California’s Leading Government Relations Firm, Announces Formation of Green Chemistry Practice

KP Public Affairs, California's largest lobbying and consulting firm, announces the formation of a new Green Chemistry practice to focus on California's newly created, first-in-the-nation Green Chemistry program. Two bills, SB 509 (Simitian) and AB 1879 (Feuer), signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger will establish a science-based process through the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal-EPA) for evaluating and regulating chemicals of concern in consumer products.

"KP Public Affairs has been a leader in managing complex and controversial environmental issues in the legislative and regulatory arena," said CEO Michael K. Burns. "Our new Green Chemistry practice will complement our existing services, but focus specifically on the regulations and legislation that will shape the state's Green Chemistry program."

As the Green Chemistry program moves forward, many companies selling consumer products in California will face new challenges to evaluate and control the use of certain "chemicals of concern" through their supply chains. This means increasing scrutiny from various government bodies and regulatory agencies, as well as from the news media and the ever-growing internet community.

"KP has been an active participant in the Cal-EPA Green Chemistry Initiative process that helped transform the legislation from an outright indictment of specific chemicals to a more objective, science-based process for identifying, evaluating and, where necessary, regulating chemicals of concern," said Jeff Sickenger, a co-leader of KP's new Green Chemistry practice. "Despite the progress reflected in the legislation, the program elements are loosely defined and constitute a broad grant of authority, analogous to AB 32, California's landmark greenhouse gas emissions program. The regulated community will face similar hurdles as it works with Cal-EPA to develop a functional regulatory program."

KP Public Affairs has operated for over a decade as one of the top government relations firms in California - measured both by revenues and policy expertise. KP's extensive client list includes many of the nation's most respected corporations, public agencies, companies that deal with environmental issues, leaders in agriculture, land use and development, resource managers, innovators, financial institutions, healthcare providers and entrepreneurs.