October 2, 2008

Happy Lesser Bairam to Egypt

Parks and beaches opened its doors since early morning to welcome visitors and the good weather as well as moderate temperature help people to spend a nice time. Weather forecasters said that the weather would be ideal during the Eid where there will be a moderate temperature in all areas and the weather is moderate autumnally. On the meantime, good sea surface temperature will allow visitors to spend a nice time and practice swimming while sea waves will be one to two meters in the Mediterranean and from half meter to meter and half in the Red Sea. It is also expected that public parks and beaches will be visited by millions of people today to enjoy the Eid. On Tuesday, the streets in Cairo were completely empty of people and cars where citizens were preparing themselves to travel either to Upper or Lower Egypt to spend the Eid with their families. Bus stations and train stations in the provinces were crowded with people. The temperature in Cairo is 30 , Alexandria 28 , Aswan 38 .

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