October 3, 2008

Restoration Environmental Contractors Ltd. To Announce the Launch of the Redevelopment Strategy and Anti-Recession Campaign

TORONTO, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- RESTORATION ENVIRONMENTAL CONTRACTORS - REC DEMOLITION - REC DISASTER RECOVERY: http://www.environmentalhazards.com/, experts in asbestos removal, demolition, disaster recovery, lead abatement, soil remediation and plant closures and industrial site remediation, is proud to announce the launch of a redevelopment strategy and anti-recession campaign.

"Since the planning or decision for the plant closures are already made," says Don Bremner. "Our plan is designed to help businesses who have already decided to shut down their plants, to sell off assets, to recover idle property, and save on taxes. Our plan is to do the next step, we want these corporations to do their environmental remediation and cleanups now!

"Corporations must plan today, to clean up their sites now, at today's costs! We will work with them, to re-train and re-employ their former workforce. The number of plants closing throughout the province of Ontario, Canada and the U.S. are on the rise. Businesses see this as a necessary move in order to remain competitive through tough economic times," says Don Bremner, CEO and President of Restoration Environmental Contractors. "Many corporations are closing plants, writing off inefficient or obsolete plants with out dated technology and older assets to reduce capital project spending that has been determined to be of no further value.

Corporate expectations are that these actions will reduce overhead and ultimately produce positive income. Nevertheless, companies will still need to pay industrial building taxes, even though the facility is shut down. Further, this has a devastating effect on families and their communities. Due to these plant closures, there has been the loss of hundreds of jobs. All of this goes into creating a tremendously negative impression about the corporation."

REC's program can help. Our new redevelopment strategy will allow for new job creation and retraining, for this workforce to help with the sites environmental remediation, decommissioning and/or demolition of the site, thereby minimizing the negative consequences of necessary business decisions. The result is a win-win for the local economy, the former employees or local workforce, and the parent company, which ends up with a much more positive corporate image, by following our strategy of redevelopment in these communities the benefits are:

   -   By hiring and utilizing up to 20 % per cent of former employees 50%       of local Labour   -   providing training of former employees /local Labour   -   By purchasing materials and supplies locally   -   REC Staff: Living locally: Motels/hotels/restaurants benefits   -   Allowing for opportunities of redevelopment of old sites   -   Environmental remediation completed and/or demolition of buildings   -   Sale of Site; Re-development: parks, schools, residential   

BACKGROUND: Since 1989, REC has successfully completed over 9,000 environmental remediation and demolition projects throughout Canada, specializing in industrial plant cleaning, decommissioning of plant closures, site remediation and disaster recovery in the industrial, commercial, government, and institutional sectors.

REC senior project management and site supervisory team has accumulated more than one million hours of on-site environmental remediation contracting experience in the removal of all hazardous materials, including; asbestos, mould, lead dust, PCBs, heavy metals, plant decommissioning, site decontamination, soil remediation, and demolition.

REC is a full-service emergency response contractor committed to excellence in health and safety whose record is impeccable. REC's strength lies with its highly trained people, and has over 100 unionized professionals on call to address a variety of needs.

REC's reputation has been established by the quality of the services it provides and by relationships built on trust. This philosophy has become the cornerstone of its business.

REC assembles a specific team of professionals that will bring the desired solutions to the project because each environmental and demolition project is unique. REC has the vision and the experience to deliver quality environmental and demolition services at a competitive price to meet every business need.

REC provides remediation options tailor-made for each project from the start, whether they are emergency service calls, small maintenance calls, or multi-million dollar demolition and environmental abatement projects. REC believes that the process should be simple, so the company creates options that offer sound environmental solutions.

REC can meet the needs of businesses planning a plant closure, an abatement, environmental, demolition or restoration project. REC can help businesses prepare for a disaster or emergency. REC can also provide on-call Emergency Response services.

   REC services include:    -   Environmental Abatement and Remediation Contractors   -   Demolition; Deconstruction, Asset Recovery, Equipment Dismantling   -   Hazardous Materials Removal; Asbestos, Mould, PCBs, Lead   -   Plant Closures: Industrial Plant Decommissioning/Cleaning of Heavy       Metals   -   Disaster Recovery: Fire, Sewage Backup, Flood, Water, Wind Damage       Restoration   -   Emergency Response Service - Bonded/Police approved Staff for       Security   

REC is a turnkey, full-service, emergency response contractor. As a recognized leader in the industry, REC can provide up to $20 million dollars, 100% Performance Bond capacity and up to $10 million in environmental/pollution general liability insurance coverage for every project. REC has worked for a number of government agencies and other corporate clients where a high level of security or police clearance (CPIC) is required and REC is an approved NATO Department of National Defense Contractor. For more information on REC's services, please visit http://www.recdemolition.com/, http://www.environmentalhazards.com/ or http://www.recdisaster.com/ or http://www.soilremediation.com/.

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