October 4, 2008

Kettering to Waive Permit Fees

By Kelli Wynn Staff Writer

KETTERING -- In light of the Sept. 14 windstorm, Kettering will be waiving its permit fees related to damaged property and electrical systems, according to Tom Robillard, director of planning and development.

The suspending of fees will last until after Dec. 31, Robillard said.

Kettering is Oakwood's agent for issuing permits relating to property and electrical work, according to Oakwood Deputy City Manager Jay Weiskircher.

Meanwhile, the Kettering's Property Maintenance Task Force will continue to follow up on property maintenance complaints made before the storm, Robillard said Sept. 25. However, the city will not be focusing on complaints about storm debris in yards for at least a couple of weeks.

City crews have been focusing on trees that are in danger of falling on a sidewalk or across the roads. "We have some emergency steps taken to address those (trees)," Robillard said.

"For the most part, the owners have been very willing to address (the trees), but they just can't find a tree cutter to cut (them) in time, like we would like," Robillard said. "One tree we dealt with was leaning across a road and people were driving underneath it. It was being held up by another tree. We thought that tree was going to give way and fall onto someone's home. That was taken care of." City crews had to use a crane to get to the tree and cut it up.

One of the greatest areas of concern for city crews last week were the homes that have been abandoned because of foreclosures. The city is concerned no one will pick up the debris.

"We're trying to work with the property owners or the responsible party such as the mortgage company," Robillard said.

Those with debris in their yards should continue to take the debris to the curb. "We do want to make sure that people's homes and property are safe," Robillard said.

Robillard also said the city waited until Sept. 24 to start picking up debris left by the windstorm because "we wanted to make sure we gave people enough time to get yard debris out to the street."

All the wood collected last week will be turned into mulch.

Want to volunteer?

Kettering's Senior Services Coordinator Vickie Carraher is organizing volunteers to help clean up the yards of elderly residents, Robillard said. If you are interested in volunteering for these projects, call Carraher at (937) 296-3356.

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