October 7, 2008

Nature is Slowly Reclaiming These Former Runways at Ninigret Park… [Derived Headline]

Nature is slowly reclaiming these former runways at Ninigret Park and Refuge, once the Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Landing Field, where former President George H.W. Bush trained as a pilot during World War II. More than a decade ago, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed the former base's 70 acres of asphalt runways to restore its native grassland habitat.

The park includes four tennis courts, a 9/10-mile bicycle course available for bicycles, walkers, rollerblading and jogging, basketball courts, Frisbee disc golf and a playground. Also there is the Frosty Drew Observatory, which appears in this aerial photo as a small metallic ball near lower left.

But Ninigret Park is more than a recreational site. It's also the place where 61 pilots died while training to defend their country.

The photos in this series are shot from a 2 1/2-pound radio- controlled airplane mounted with a camera, and operated by Nate Bousquet of Don Bousquet and Son Aerial Photography.

South County Regional Editor

Bousquetaerials.com / Nate Bousquet


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