October 8, 2008

Sunken Boat is Found

By Kristopher Hanson

A missing boat believed to have carried the brother of Southland Congresswomen Linda and Loretta Sanchez was discovered Tuesday on the ocean floor nearly four miles off the coast of Long Beach.

The wrecked 26-foot Bayliner was spotted resting upside down shortly after noon in about 150 feet of murky water, Coast Guard officials said.

The boat, which was carrying Henry Sanchez, 51, and his girlfriend, 48-year-old Penny Avila, is believed to have collided with a barge sometime around midnight Oct. 2 before sinking.

When rescue crews scoured the area the next day, all they found were pieces of fiberglass, a few life jackets and numerous personal effects floating on the surface, including an identification card belonging to Sanchez.

The boat will be searched by divers from the Los Angeles Port Police and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department before being lifted to the surface today, said Coast Guard Ensign Stephanie Young.

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