October 8, 2008

University Composting Program Created By Graduate Student

By Anonymous

Columbia, Missouri Missouri University (MU) graduate student Adam Saunders started a 10-week composting program as a part of a service learning class. Leftovers at Rollins Dining Hall are pulped, and then students and volunteers use a bicycle trailer to haul the material to Saint Joseph Community Garden, where it is composted with manure. They estimate that one ton/week of food waste has been diverted from the waste stream. The class is funded by a $4,000 Information Technology grant from MU, and uses scales, thermometers and portable computers to track weights and temperatures. Saunders has applied for additional funding to conduct a three-year soil study, analyzing the nutrient content of the compost. He also has considered expanding the program to include other dining halls, but notes that each would have to have a food pulper, a justified expense when considering both the environmental benefit and savings in tip fees.

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