October 8, 2008

Plan Released to Restore Wildfire-Scorched Land in Draper

DRAPER -- The U.S. Forest Service has released its plan to restore the area burned by an 808-acre wildfire in Corner Canyon that got dangerously close to some homes.

Gully trenches will be dug. Approximately 1,500 feet of wire fence and sediment traps will be installed in drainages above homes in Bear Creek and Cherry Creek Canyons.

Government officials will begin wood straw mulching and seeding 140 acres of land affected by the fire to reduce soil erosion expected by thunderstorms and rapid snowmelt. The treatment will begin Oct. 25, and increased traffic will be in the neighborhoods of Steeplechase and Carolina Hills.

The U.S. Forest Service said its restoration efforts will only apply to national forest system lands. Local agencies will oversee their own restoration efforts.

-- Ben Winslow

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