October 9, 2008

Court Denies East Palo Alto’s Motion to Prevent Lawful Rent Adjustments

Woodland Park Management LLC announced that the San Mateo County Superior Court today denied the City of East Palo Alto's motion for a preliminary injunction that would have prevented the company from enforcing rent adjustments that it began notifying tenants of in June 2008.

In attempting to prevent Woodland Park Management from enforcing its rent adjustments, the city argued in its motion that the adjustments violated East Palo Alto's Rent Stabilization Ordinance because they allegedly exceeded maximum allowable increases. The city also argued that the notifications of rent adjustments were unenforceable because they were issued within 12 months of another adjustment that tenants were notified of in November 2007.

Judge Carol Mittlesteadt rejected both of the city's arguments based on what she said was a lack of supporting evidence.

"Judge Mittlesteadt is the sixth San Mateo County Superior Court judge to have ruled in our favor over the interpretation of East Palo Alto's Rent Stabilization Ordinance," said David Taran, Woodland Park Management's chief executive officer. "It is clearly time for the city to fully engage with us to find solutions around a negotiating table instead of in a court room. Our residents deserve an end to the uncertainty caused by ongoing litigation, and East Palo Alto's taxpayers deserve a less costly way to reach consensus."

About Woodland Park Management

Woodland Park Management manages approximately 1,700 apartment units in the Woodland Park neighborhood of East Palo Alto, Calif. As the city's largest housing provider, Woodland Park Management is investing more than $11 million into its properties to provide residents with cleaner and safer homes.