October 10, 2008

Neohydro Technologies Corp. Appoints World Renowned Chemist to Act As Their Senior Scientist

Neohydro Technologies Corp. (OTCBB:NHYT) is pleased to appoint Dr. I.J. Wilk, Ph.D. as the company's senior scientist.

Dr. I.J. Wilk, a world-renowned chemist in the field of electrolysis, brings more than 45 years of experience as a Ph.D. commercial chemist. Dr. Wilk has focused on electrolysis to generate water purification solutions. Electrolysis can be used to remove oxidative contaminates in water to eliminate environmental problems. He has worked specifically in proving the effectiveness of the Anodes, the core intellectual property of any electrolytic system.

Dr. Wilk has worked with the Themy family and has conducted extensive testing and analysis on all processes of Brinecell technology that differentiates Neohydro's process from any other in the world. Dean Themy CEO states, "We are extremely privileged to bring such a well-known professional like Dr. Wilk on our team. His experience and knowledge with our high-voltage electrolytic processes will propel our scientific efforts immediately and will allow us to hit the ground running in all applications that we are developing for the oil and gas industry."

With his extensive contacts and relationships, he will assemble and manage the company's chemical and microbiology team. Dr. Wilk will oversee the company's research and development in all waste-water treatment applications. Neohydro uses its proprietary industrial water re-use and water treatment applications to provide purified water for agriculture irrigation, drinking water, municipal water, and other point-of-use water needs.

He will also lead the company in obtaining their approvals for the sterilization of medical devices for the medical industry. Dr. Wilk will also lead the company's "green initiative" in providing benefits using high-voltage electrolysis to eliminate the spread of E coli and salmonella in a non-invasive manner for the food industry.

Prior to joining Neohydro, Dr. Wilk has been concerned with water and air pollution problems, including acid deposition. He has testified at committee hearings for the California legislature on pollution and safety problems.

Dr. Wilk received degrees of: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, from North Dakota State University; Masters of Science in Organic Chemistry, from Northwestern University; Doctor of Philosophy and Physical-Organic Chemistry, from the University of California.

Between the B.S. and M.S. degrees, he served in the U.S. Army with the 103rd Infantry Division.

In addition to his academic achievements Dr. Wilk is also a long-time member of the American Chemical Society, he is affiliated with the Division of Chemical Education, Division of Environmental Chemistry, Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, and Division of Chemical Health and Safety. He received the Outstanding Service Award from the Division of Chemical Health and Safety. He served on the executive committee of this division and was a member of the committee on chemical safety for the American Chemical Society.

Dr. Wilk also belongs to a number of other scientific societies, which include:

Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society of America, Science Honorary

Phi Lambda Upsilon, Chemistry Honorary

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Society for Enology and Viticulture (1973-1992)

New York Academy of Sciences

Controlled Release Society (1982-2001)

Further information on the Company can be found at www.sec.gov and the company's website at www.neohydrotech.com

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