October 10, 2008

Kazakh Session Discusses Environmental Problems

Text of report by state-owned Kazakh TV on 8 October

[Presenter] Major enterprises working in Kazakhstan have promised to spend more than 116bn tenges [about 1bn dollars] on environmental protection in 2008. Yet, only 65 per cent of this sum was spent as of the end of September. This became known at a session of a governmental environmental protection commission in Astana today. Unlawful waste dumping, unchecked burial of dead animals and improper work of warehouses of chemicals are the most serious environmental problems, the meeting heard. Abandoned military facilities also cause environmental problems. This is why, the Environmental Protection Ministry, together with law-enforcement agencies and local authorities, are going to inspect all waste dumping sites in the country.

[Nurlan Iskakov, Environmental Protection Minister, captioned] I receive a large number of letters complaining about unlawful waste dumping every day. We will not solve this problem unless we punish persons and enterprises that commit these violations.

Originally published by Kazakh Television first channel, Astana, in Kazakh 1400 8 Oct 08.

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