October 10, 2008

Letter: Both Sides to Story

By Sharon Roberts

TWO stories on evolution appeared in your newspaper on October 7.

Evolutionists would have us believe that we are the descendants of apes and other primitive prehistoric creatures who evolved from a common ancestor that emerged from a pond billions of years ago. The latest claim is that we humans are so advanced and close to perfection now that there's not much evolving left do! That appeals strongly to human pride, but I would argue that these evolution theories are based not on real observations and undisputed facts but more on speculation and opinion based on an evolutionary interpretation of the data.

Increasingly, people, including those with scientific qualifications, can't take these claims about our alleged ape or pondlife ancestry seriously, and find that Biblical Creationism or Intelligent Design makes far more sense. I encourage readers to explore both sides of the debate.

Sharon Roberts, L3

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