October 13, 2008

World Forum Lille Continues to Call Real Actions to Achieve Sustainable Development

World Forum Lille continues to call real actions to achieve sustainable development

LILLE, France, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- The ongoing World Forum Lille Friday continued to call for real action to protect Earth and achieve sustainable development.

Neither a country nor an individual can be concerned only for itself or himself without the thought of others, as all human beings in the 21st century face an incredible challenge of growing population and fewer resources, Philippe Vasseur, chairman of the forum, told reporters in this northern French city.

Only having commitments and slogans are far from enough to protect the planet, said Vasseur, former French agricultural minister.

Noting everyone should make a contribution, he called on enterprises to take anti-pollution measures in their operations.

The measure may influence an enterprise's profit in a short period of time but will be crucial to its sustainable development, he said.

China's attachment of importance to environmental protection has been enhanced, said Vasseur, who first visited China in 1980. As exchanges between France and China on environmental protection have become more and more frequent, so too have his visits to the Asian nation.

He believed China could make greater progress in environmental protection, said Vasseur.

Initiated by Vasseur, the forum was launched in 2007 to promote collective responsibility to the world economy.

This year's event, scheduled for Thursday to Saturday with the focus on "best practice to preserve our planet's resources," is being staged under the heading, "Think is Good, Act is Better."

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