October 17, 2008

Growth in Sea Salt Demand Precipitates Larger Facility for Ocean’s Flavor

Due to high growth and the uniqueness of their product line, Ocean's Flavor Sea Salt is expanding with the help of its production facility partner to meet that growing need. Ocean's Flavor produces a low-sodium, all natural sea salt. Ocean's Flavor products are natural due to the specialized process that optimizes the environment's natural ability to produce salt. This sea salt is comprised of lower sodium, but maintains great taste and the ocean's healthy minerals, which are required for a balanced diet and healthy body.

"OF 45 LSN" is produced in a natural environment and an all natural way to produce a salt that is 45% lower in sodium than table salt. "Our product is uniquely cultivated and harvested in "open saline" sea water, and then evaporated with nature's wind and sun to produce its low sodium, all natural sea salt," says Al Kirchner, CEO, Ocean's Flavor. "Because of the link between high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney problems, edema, stroke, gastric cancer and osteoporosis that can be caused by high sodium intake, sea salt has become the best choice for flavor and needed minerals."

About Ocean's Flavor

In 2004, Al Kirchner and Alan Fisher, co-owners of Ocean's Flavor had the idea to produce a natural, less sodium sea salt. After searching the world for a suitable location, they came across sea salt facility that had the capacity and expertise to produce their idea of an all natural sea salt with low sodium, the ideal climate and the required processing support that would be needed for optimum natural less sodium salt production.

In three short years, Ocean's Flavor has become the world's leader in the sale and distribution of natural less sodium sea salts, furnishing to soup, vegetable, ingredient, seasonings, frozen food, beef and poultry-producing companies both domestically and internationally. Ocean's Flavor is ahead of the curve in reducing sodium by "thinking natural," and keeping the taste of what real less sodium sea salt should taste like. Please visit www.oceansflavor.com