October 21, 2008

Report Shows Reusable Diapers Not Eco-Friendly

A British report found that reusable diapers damage the environment more so than disposable diapers.  British officials, who are humiliated by the findings, have hushed the results of the report.

The British Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) has asked its representatives to adopt a "defensive" stance towards the results of the diaper research project, and have urged them not to publicize the conclusions.

Research found that washable diapers, which British officials pointed to as a solution toward saving the environment, have a higher carbon footprint than disposable diapers.

The washable diapers could have a lower carbon footprint, but would require parents to hang dry them all year round, use them on multiple children, and not wash them with water exceeding 60C.

Restricted Whitehall documents, seen by The Sunday Times, show that the British government has told its spokespeople not to give the diaper report any publicity.

The report found that disposable diapers used over a 2 1/2 year period would result in a global warming impact of 550kg of CO2.  Reusable diapers would produce 570kg of CO2, but if parents wash the diapers at 90C the impact would increase to 993kg of CO2.

A Defra spokesman said the British government is halting plans on any further diaper studies.


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