October 23, 2008

Unique Business Guide to Chemicals Management After REACH

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/765597/chemicals_manageme) has announced the addition of the "Chemicals Management After REACH: A Business Guide" report to their offering.

We are getting excellent feedback on this report, a revised 2008 edition of which is now available. It has an update on the REACH Implementation Projects and improved hyperlinks for further information in a complimentary electronic version available to customers as soon as they place their order.

Aimed at business managers who are updating their chemicals management strategies and other personnel who need to communicate with suppliers and customers, our business guide turns the process of REACH compliance into issues of commercial necessity and common sense.

Find out how you and your organisation can:

-- Identify your chemical risks - we describe resources to help you compile inventories and understand what you are dealing with.

-- Communicate effectively within your organisation to maximise opportunities linked to the changing marketplace stemming from REACH.

-- Communicate with suppliers and customers, with tips on how to get the information and outcomes you require.

-- Collect the risk-assessment data needed to support substances into the future.

Benefit from detailed technical appendices, describing:

-- Technical guidance available and being developed under the REACH implementation projects (RIPs).

-- The forthcoming Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of chemicals classification and labelling.

-- How to put together an intelligent testing strategy that minimises data requirements.

-- How to select REACH consultants and testing laboratories.

-- And discover how industry bodies in the automotive, electronics, personal care, construction and detergents sectors are approaching the question of chemical risks.

 Key Topics Covered: CHAPTER ONE Introduction: A pressing chemicals agenda REACH fact file CHAPTER TWO The implications for you as a business Seven case studies ranging across investor perspective, electronics, automotive, plastics, consumer products CHAPTER THREE Knowing what you make or use Logical sequence of questions to ask, and two risk prioritisation tools CHAPTER FOUR Communicating within your own company Compliance approach vs business approach and four industry case studies CHAPTER FIVE Communication with other companies Personnel to get involved, checklist to ask suppliers and case studies from chemicals, consumer products and coatings sectors CHAPTER SIX From substances to data How to prioritise efforts, preparations, managing costs and data requirements CHAPTER SEVEN Substances of very high concern Criteria to define very high concern, and the consequences CHAPTER EIGHT Conclusions: The long road to sound chemicals management What does it look like when you get there? Case studies from DuPont and Dow 

Companies Mentioned:

- Boots

- Ciba

- Skanska

- S. Black

- Dow

- DuPont

- Shell Chemicals


For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/765597/chemicals_manageme