October 23, 2008

California American Water Completes Drilling of Key Well for San Marino Customers

ROSEMEAD, Calif., Oct. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- California American Water this week completed initial drilling of a 550-foot-deep groundwater well just south of Cal Tech. When fully operational next spring, the well, which replaces an aged, non-producing well at the same location, will help reduce the city of San Marino's reliance on precarious, imported water supplies.

"Fortifying the city's local groundwater supplies is especially important as the region endures an on-going statewide drought," says General Manager Todd Brown. "Imported supplies continue to be strained, both by weather conditions and by endangered species concerns in the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta."

With the drilling process complete, California American Water can begin installation of a filtration and blending process to reduce levels of two constituents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and perchlorate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established a maximum contaminant level (MCLs) for VOCs, and the state has established an MCL for perchlorate.

Making sure all water meets state and federal MCLs, the company is embarking on a two-fold process. A granular-activated carbon filtration plant will be located at the well site. In addition, three miles of new transmission line will be laid so the water can be blended with other sources.

While the new well provides added reliability, the current drought in California illustrates the fact that groundwater supplies are not inexhaustible. Southern California water tables have been significantly depleted, and conservation is a critical part of managing water supply.

"We encourage customers to use water wisely," says Brown, "and take to heart the voluntary conservation measures the company has instituted."

The new well and transmission main projects are part of California American Water's commitment to systematically replacing aging infrastructure within its service territories.

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