October 24, 2008

Chemical Information Services Adds Innovative Tool to Its Family of Sourcing Products

DALLAS, Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Chemical Information Services announces the release of the ChemInfo MarketPlace, a new accompaniment to its family of chemical sourcing tools. A collaboration between Chemical Information Services and Chemfinet Services, Inc., this innovative, web-based exchange service meets the needs of buyers and sellers from the pharmaceutical, biotech and custom chemical manufacturing industries. Users can now utilize the service for their procurement and sales functions.

The procedure for using the ChemInfo MarketPlace is simple. Buyers post RFQs (Request for Quote) on the site for molecules they need and sellers submit bids for the chemicals they can make or provide at competitive pricing. Buyers make their decision based on their own criteria. The custom, exchange takes place in a neutral venue, where both parties do business with mutual benefits and comprehensive support. Buyers save time and search costs with instant access to pricing and availability information. Sellers gain access to greater opportunities and save sales and marketing dollars.

"Bringing ChemInfo MarketPlace to fruition was a logical step in providing even greater access to the information our users need," said John Kuranz, Vice President and Managing Director of Chemical Information Services. "By bringing the buyer and seller together, we supply an optimal solution for the challenges faced by both while saving time and money and easing the procurement process."

About Chemical Information Services

Chemical Information Services has been delivering quality, accurate information to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries since 1972. Our products and services include structure-searchable information utilized by both end users and worldwide producers of all types of bulk chemicals as well as chemical intermediates and holders of DMFs/VMFs and Certificates of Suitability. End users may search by raw material producers, primary contract manufacturers or by specific structure or functional group. Suppliers and producers prospect our databases to determine new markets for their intermediates as well as worldwide users for bulk pharmaceutical ingredients. With products sold in over 100 countries around the world, Chemical Information Services is the largest and most trusted provider of informational services to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

About Chemfinet Services, Inc.

Chemfinet Services, Inc. is the premier web based sourcing platform serving the custom chemicals and fine chemicals industry. The company serves the needs of buyers and sellers from the pharmaceutical, biotech, and custom chemical manufacturing industries. The staff of Chemfinet has extensive experience in the custom chemicals industry, with extensive industry experience that makes sourcing difficult-to-find chemicals a more productive process for both the buyers and sellers.

Chemical Information Services

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