October 27, 2008

Rain CII Carbon Reduces Plant Turnaround Time By 25 Percent

GRAMERCY, La., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Satyam Computer Services Ltd. , a leading global consulting and information technology services provider, announced today that Rain CII Carbon, the world's leading producer of calcined petroleum coke, reduced the turnaround time at its plant in Gramercy, Louisiana by 25 percent. The expedited shutdown enabled production of an additional 3,650 tons of calcined petroleum coke, primarily used for anode manufacture by aluminum producers.

By applying a management solution recently implemented at a Rain Commodities Ltd. cement plant in India, Rain CII Carbon brought its plant back online in 17.4 days, compared to the approximately 23.2 days it had planned.

Satyam helped Rain CII Carbon employ a solution based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC), which was developed by Israeli physicist Eliyahu Goldratt. Satyam implemented the solution based on the TOC's Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) methodology, which has been used in numerous projects to ensure on-time (or ahead-of-schedule) project completion, without changing original project scope and budget.

The solution is not industry-specific; it can be used in industries like chemical process, petroleum refining, steel, etc., that have planned maintenance turnarounds and for which increasing uptime of critical equipment is paramount. It can also be applied to reduce the duration of plant expansions and upgrades, as well as Greenfield projects. The Rain Commodities cement plant in India, for example (a sister company of Rain CII Carbon), reduced shutdown duration by 28 percent and enabled manufacture of an additional 15,000 tons of cement.

Part of the methodology's success stems from breaking two longstanding project management beliefs:

-- First, that the amount of safety factored into task time estimations is not enough to protect against uncertainties that typify project environments. In fact, changes to the way project safety is managed can result in significant benefits without compromising employee or equipment wellbeing.

-- Second, that a focus on completion of each task on time is the only way to guarantee a project will end on schedule. Actually, a diffused focus on numerous activities is ineffective. At any given time, only one task poses the highest risk to on-time project completion; this task, according to TOC, is the only one that needs to be highlighted for recovery.

"The TOC solution has helped us break new ground in how turnarounds are planned, monitored and executed, and we are rolling out this solution to all our plants in the US," said Stephen L. Rowland, Rain CII Carbon's Chief Operating Officer. "Clearly, it is a transformational approach. Additionally, this success was achieved despite the fact that the scope of work increased substantially as equipment was brought back online -- typical of any plant turnaround."

In the Gramercy plant, the team's ability to concentrate on critical tasks was especially helpful.

"By applying Satyam's proposed simple, yet revealing measures, we brought considerable management focus to areas and tasks where it was truly needed," said Jimmy Delaneuville, Plant Manager of the Gramercy plant. "The shutdown featured 166 tasks, but we were able to focus on the critical ones; we did not diffuse our focus by micromanaging all of them. Additionally, review meetings were brief and efficient, and really demonstrated the importance of focusing on the right tasks."

About Rain CII Carbon

Rain CII is the world's leading producer of calcined petroleum coke. Its operations include calcining plants in the United States and India with a total annual production of more than 2.4 million tons of calcined petroleum coke. It has served the aluminum industry since 1959, and it is also a major supplier of calcined coke to the TiO2 industry.

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