October 27, 2008

Magnum Welcomes Sekhar and Professor Natchimuthu As New Advisory Board Directors

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Magnum D'Or Resources, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: MDOR) is pleased to announce the addition of Gopi B. Sekhar and Professor Dr. N. Natchimuthu to its advisory board.

With Magnum's recent partnership and joint venture with Sekhar Research Innovations, the company has now strengthened its position with additional expertise. This will allow expansion into the arena of high end formulation products and custom made compounds, as well as, allow us to immediately enter the Global Rubber Processing & Next Generation Compounding Market Worldwide.

With the addition of Mr. Sekhar and Dr. Natchimuthu the company will target specific programs to develop proprietary technologies designed for promoting improved properties, as well as, cost reductions in processing techniques, Magnum/Sekhar Research Innovations have now positioned itself be a global leader in the manufacture and development of new and substitutive rubber products and recycling equipment.

Mr. Gopinath B. Sekhar has over 25 years of work experience; including extensive involved in International Trading, Rubber products, Rubber technology, development of processing technologies, application solutions, and Palm Oil processing. Specific production process experience includes installation, modification, and design up-grades allowing capacity improvement in addition to operation of varying large production units.

-- Developed 1st pilot glove and catheter deproteinization plant in Kerala India.

-- Co-invented with Dr. B.C. Sekhar the proprietary Deprotin mechano-chemical process for the removal of extractable proteins and residual chemicals from latex dipped goods (post production) to below detection levels of all accepted test methods.

-- Co-invented with Dr. B.C. Sekhar the proprietary Low protein Latex innovation which allowed for the production of dipped goods (examination and surgical gloves, catheters and condoms) with residual extractable protein levels below the detection limits of all accepted test methods by merely utilising the Low protein latex instead of conventional latex. This patent rendered the previously developed Deprotin patent obsolete.

-- Worked closely with Dr. B.C. Sekhar until his death on the successful commercialization and effective introduction of devulcanized compounds (produced using the Delink Chemical Reactant) into production of rubber products in full production batches.

-- Developed proprietary surface activation machine for bulk processing of cryogenic and ambient crumb using a wide variety of devulcanization technologies operating on a cost effective and energy efficient manner.

Dr. N. Natchimuthu

"Dr. Natchimuthu brings a wealth of expertise with rubber and specific research of thermoplastics applications. This will allow Magnum-SRI to develop and exploit new areas of product consumption including many of our own products. His earlier work on existing recycling technologies along with his current research on processed natural rubber scrap in TPE's, is of critical importance for the future of Magnum-Sekhar Research innovations. This will open up an enormous market that has been previously out of our reach technically and for our range of products.

Dr. Natchimuthu brings strong credentials and adds developmental capacity in terms of development and implementation of the next generation of technologies. Carrying out fundamental research in rubber and plastics will be extended to the specific emphasis on cryogenic and ambient crumb inputs produced by Magnum's North American operations.

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