October 28, 2008

SRI Consulting Releases 2008 Electronic Chemicals – Semiconductor and IC Process Chemicals Report

The continued miniaturization of integrated circuits is creating a new, rapidly growing nanoelectronic chemicals market. These include dielectric and copper plating materials that have exact performance requirements as the new integrated circuits are less than 200 nanometers in size. Consumption of these materials is relatively small, but rapidly growing.

Today, SRI Consulting (SRIC) released its 2008 Electronic Chemicals - Semiconductor and IC Process Chemicals report that presents a strategic analysis of the global market, identifying critical success factors, profitability drivers, supply/demand, and threats and opportunities.

The global market for IC process chemicals was valued at approximately $19 million in 2007. Growth is expected at an average annual rate of approximately 7 to 7.5% through 2012. The growth in the global consumption of IC process chemicals is driven by the increase in installed fabrication capacity -- which has more than doubled over the past seven years.

Lead Author and Senior Consultant Uwe Fink commented, "The explosive growth of photovoltaics for the solar market in combination with a polysilicon shortage and the fast rising polysilicon prices attracted many new entrants to solar grade polysilicon manufacturing." Mr. Fink continued, "More than 100 new polysilicon plants have been introduced around the world since 2005."

SRIC's 2008 Electronic Chemicals - Semiconductor and IC Process Chemicals report covers the major specialty chemicals consumed in the production of integrated circuits or silicon chips including silicon wafers, photoresists, ancillary chemicals, wet processing chemicals, CMP slurries, atmospheric and specialty gases, thin film metals, and new chemicals and materials such as copper plating chemicals and precursor materials for low-k and high-k dielectrics.

For more information about SRIC's Electronic Chemicals - Semiconductor and IC Process Chemicals report contact Linda Henderson, +1 650 384 4349, [email protected] or visit www.sriconsulting.com/SCUP.

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