October 30, 2008

Step By Step Laboratory Manual for Condensed Protocols From Molecular Cloning

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/22c38b/condensed_protocol) has announced the addition of the "Condensed Protocols from Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual" report to their offering.

The Condensed Protocols From Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual is a single-volume adaptation of the three-volume third edition of Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual. This condensed book contains only the step-by-step portions of the protocols, accompanied by selected appendices from the world's best-selling manual of molecular biology techniques. Each protocol is cross-referenced to the appropriate pages in the original manual. This affordable companion volume, designed for bench use, offers individual investigators the opportunity to have their own personal collection of short protocols from the essential Molecular Cloning.

Chapter List

1. Using Plasmid Vectors in Molecular Cloning

2. Bacteriophage and Its Vectors

3. Working with Bacteriophage M13 Vectors

4. Working with High-capacity Vectors

5. Gel Electrophoresis of DNA and Pulsed-field Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

6. Preparation and Analysis of Eukaryotic Genomic DNA

7. Extraction, Purification, and Analysis of mRNA from Eukaryotic Cells

8. In Vitro Amplification of DNA by the Polymerase Chain Reaction

9. Preparation of Radiolabeled DNA and RNA Probes

10. Working with Synthetic Oligonucleotide Probes

11. Preparation of cDNA Libraries and Gene Identification

12. DNA Sequencing

13. Mutagenesis

14. Screening Expression Libraries

15. Expression of Cloned Genes in Escherichia coli

16. Introducing Cloned Genes into Cultured Mammalian Cells

17. Analysis of Gene Expression in Mammalian Cells

18. Protein Interaction Technologies

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/22c38b/condensed_protocol