October 30, 2008

Garick Markets Traction Aggregate

CLEVELAND, Oct. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Traction Aggregate is produced by fully calcining clay at temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees. By blending Traction Aggregate with your salt supply you can extend your salt volume.

Traction Aggregate will not melt ice but will provide great traction for roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It will not ruin concrete, grass, or vehicles.

Traction Aggregate is shipped via barge on the Inland River System to most major cities on the waterways. Product is also available in semi load and rail quantity. "We are currently in the process of setting up a distribution network for those wanting to purchase less than full truckloads," said Heather Conroy, Senior Manager of New Product and Market Development. Garick offers a quick delivery time as well as competitive pricing.

Traction Aggregate will yield approximately twice the volume of salt and sand. Traction Aggregate weighs 40 pounds per cubic foot where sand and salt range from 80 to 100 pounds per cubic foot. Additionally it will hold up to 35% of its weight when mixed with a deicer or other liquid solution. It will release the solution as needed.

Another benefit to using Traction Aggregate is it can be stored outdoors and no tarps are required. There is also less chance of clumping.

Garick's composting and anaerobic digestion facilities and partnerships are strategically located throughout North America. These facilities make nationally branded products Nature's Helper(R) organic soil amendment, Black Satin(R) Mulch, Designated Dryer(R) sports turf conditioner, HydRocks(R) soil enhancer, Kids Karpet(R) recreational surfacing, and Moo-Nure(R) organic compost. With these composting facilities and other terminals and ports located throughout the United States, Garick has the capability to supply a complete range of products in bags, bales, or bulk.


CONTACT: Heather Conroy of Garick, +1-216-475-8854,[email protected]

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