November 5, 2008

IBAMA Grants Preliminary License to Porto Do Itaqui TPP

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MPX Energia S.A. (Bovespa: MPXE3) informs that the Brazilian Institute for Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has granted the Preliminary License to Porto do Itaqui TPP (360 MW), a project 100% held by MPX.

The Porto do Itaqui TPP project foresees the implementation of a coal-fired thermal plant with a 360 MW installed capacity, located in the state of Maranhao. The energy to be generated by the referred plant (315 average MW) was sold at the 2007 A-5 New Energy Auction, for a period of 15 years, and with guaranteed fixed annual revenues of R$ 234 million (as of Sept. 2008), escalated by the IPCA.

Following a decision by a Federal Court, IBAMA analyzed the Preliminary Study and Environmental Impact Report (EIA-RIMA) for Porto to Itaqui TPP, as well as all other documents related to the environmental licensing process, which had been previously analyzed by the State of Maranhao Environmental and Natural Resources Office.

The issuance by the Federal Environmental Authority of a new Preliminary License to Porto do Itaqui TPP ratifies the project's environmental feasibility.

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