November 5, 2008

SiGNa Chemistry Announces Scientific Advisory Council

NEW YORK, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., a developer of stabilized reactive metals for safer, more efficient industrial chemistry, today announced the members of its scientific advisory council. The council is composed of world-renowned scientists who are recognized as leaders in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and material science.

"SiGNa Chemistry is extremely excited to have such an array of world-class talent assembled," says Michael Lefenfeld, president and CEO, SiGNa Chemistry, Inc. "We will be utilizing the combined knowledge and experience of our scientific advisory council as SiGNa focuses on continued commercial growth in key markets."

Advisory council members, each of whom play an active role within the chemistry industry, include:

   Dr. James L. Dye    --  Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, as well as co-founder of       SiGNa Chemistry, Dr. Dye is the University Distinguished Professor at       Michigan State University, as well as a member of the National Academy       of Sciences (1989).  Dr. Dye has also received the American Chemistry       Society National Award in Inorganic Chemistry, the highest award given       in the United States for achievements in inorganic chemistry.    Prof. Robert H. Grubbs    --  Professor Grubbs is currently the Victor and Elizabeth Atkins       Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology,       where he has been on the faculty since 1978.  Professor Grubbs has won       numerous professional fellowships and awards, most notably, the 2005       Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  Professor Grubbs has also been awarded the       Linus Pauling Award, and was elected to the National Academy of       Sciences in 1989.    Prof. Galen D. Stucky    --  Professor Stucky is currently the E. Khashoggi Industries, LLC       Professor in Letters and Science at the University of California,       Santa Barbara, where he has been a professor of chemistry and       materials since 1985.  His recent honors include the ACS Award in       Chemistry of Materialsin 2002, the International Mesostructured       Materials Association Award in 2004, and election to fellowship in the       American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2005.    Sir John Meurig Thomas FRS    --  Currently an Honorary Professor in Materials Science at Cambridge, Sir       John Meurig Thomas's research work in solid-state chemistry and on the       design of new catalysts has earned him global industry acclaim.  This       includes the Linus Pauling Gold Medal for contributions to the       advancement of science by Stanford University, as well as the Willard       Gibbs Gold Medal of the American Chemical Society.  In addition to       numerous other awards, Sir John Meurig Thomas was knighted in 1991 for       services to chemistry and the popularization of science.     About SiGNa Chemistry  

SiGNa Chemistry, Inc., an advanced materials company, has developed a green nanotechnology-based solution that makes reactive metals far more efficient, safer, and cost effective. Reactive metals are fundamental components used for general synthesis in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, specialty chemical and environmental remediation industries. It also has the potential to enable portable fuel cells to become practical by safely producing record levels of pure hydrogen gas from a safe, stable dry powder at room temperature. In all of these ventures, the use of reactive metals, such as alkali metals, is currently curtailed or avoided all together due to their high degree of instability, which makes them difficult and expensive to handle. SiGNa's products have solved the problems of safety and cost efficiency, representing the most substantial scientific breakthrough in reactive metals in over 100 years. For more information, visit:

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