Voting Gets Underway in ICIS People’s Choice Poll

November 13, 2008

NEW YORK and LONDON, November 13 /PRNewswire/ — Voting is getting underway as people who work in the chemical industry decide who their choice is for the most influential person in the global chemicals industry. The poll is being held on ICIS Connect. There is a strong field of 10 people, chosen from the ICIS list of the top 40 Power Players. The full list will be published on 8 December 2008. In addition to chief executives representing companies based in Europe, the US, Middle East and Asia, who make up the peoples’ choice, politicians and other people who’s decisions impact the chemical industry are included in the list.

   The candidates in the people's choice are:    Mohamed Al-Mardy, Sabic, Saudi Arabia   Mukesh Ambani, Reliance Industries, India;   Jurgen Hambrecht, BASF, Germany   Maha Mulla Husain, PIC (Petrochemical Industries Co.) Kuwait   Jon Huntsman, Huntsman, US   Abdallah Jum'ah, Saudi Aramco; Saudi Arabia   Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical, US   Su Shulin, Sinopec, China   Volker Trautz, LyondellBasell, Germany/US   Hans Wijers, Akzo Nobel, Netherlands     People from across the chemicals industry are voting at   http://www.icis.com/icisconnect/forums/p/1655/2127.aspx   The poll closes on 26 November 2008.   ICIS  

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