November 18, 2008

Texas display reaches 307 million pixels

The University of Texas says the world's highest-resolution tiled display is now operational at its Austin campus.

The Stallion display at the Texas Advanced Computing Center has been doubled to 307 million pixels, giving researchers visual views of data stretching into terascale territory.

This expansion makes the display that much more flexible for our users, Greg Johnson, a visualization specialist at TACC, said in a written statement. For a lot of applications such as life sciences, earth sciences or even fluid simulations, the extreme panoramic size is very good.

Texas said the news system features 75 high-resolution 30-inch displays arranged in 15 columns of five displays each. Each of the Dell displays has a 2560x1600 resolution that adds up to 307 million pixels.

The next-largest display is at the University of California, San Diego and totals nearly 287 million pixels.