December 1, 2008

Rare Necklace is Found in North West England

In Greater Manchester, a rare necklace estimated to be about 4,000 years old, has been uncovered.

Archaeologists discovered the necklace while excavating a cist, a type of stone lined grave, in Mellor, Stockport.

This is the first time a necklace from the early Bronze Age, has been found in north-west England.

Experts from the University of Manchester Archaeological Unit said, an amber necklace was one of the ultimate status symbols of the time period.

The necklace has dozens of amber heads of various sizes, linked together on a length of fiber.

The mystery now is how did the material get to the north west, according to the local Mellor Archaeological Trust.

"Amber is very significant," said Vicky Nash, of the Mellor Archaeological Trust, who found the ancient item.

"It's associated with burials in the prehistoric period but it's not readily available, the nearest source is in the Baltic [region].

"So to find that [necklace] in conjunction with a cist, it shows it was a burial of somebody particularly important at that time."


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