December 26, 2008

Environmentalists prep for what’s coming

Environmental advocates concerned about global climate change say they're preparing for what is coming rather than focusing on stopping it.

In a way, we're protecting the stage, while the actors may change over time, said Andy Finton, a director at The Nature Conservancy.

That means, for example, accepting that some species, such as moose and loons, may not be part of the Massachusetts' wildlife in the future, The Boston Globe reported Friday.

The old model is -- let's protect a certain species or natural community, said Finton. We've got to be more flexible in our thinking, because we can't necessarily nail down all the species.

New England states are creating tracts of wild land for species to adapt and change while the New England Wild Flower Society continues to save seeds from native plants knowing those plants may not be natives of New England in the future, the Globe reported.