January 17, 2009

Whistleblower quitting dog breeding club

Margaret Carter, who once blew the whistle on questionable dog breeding methods, says she is quitting Britain's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.

Carter said she never intended to damage the reputation of the 80-year-old canine group by disclosing that a pedigree dog with a genetic condition was repeatedly used to sire puppies, The Times of London reported Saturday.

Carter's claims regarding the genetic condition, syringomyelia, were detailed in a BBC documentary called Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

My only interest was to improve the health of the dogs and it has never been my intention to damage the Cavalier King Charles club where I have been a loyal member for more than 30 years, Carter said Friday.

Club members ousted her from the King Charles committee following the show's broadcast.

I have been beaten, they have won, but at what cost? she asked The Times.

The top showing people and breeders are the ones most threatened by health testing. They either want to win in the show ring or make money and they don't want health problems talked about.